Funeral Flowers, Wreaths & Floral Tributes

Funeral Flowers, Wreaths & Floral Tributes for your funeral in Somerset are a simple and caring way to send your condolences and pay your respects.

Funeral Flowers such as funeral wreaths, funeral sprays and name tributes require special attention as they are prepared. They are always hand delivered by the florist a couple of hours prior to the funeral. The Florist will work as closely with the Funeral Director as possible to ensure that your wreath tribute is as vibrant looking at the actual funeral service as it is when it leaves the shop.

You can chose a wreath from a traditional bouquet or funeral wreath ring or ask the florist to create a funeral tribute from your own description.

Try to choose colours that reflect the persons life and also your own feelings. Do not worry about the ‘meaning’ of flowers. Just choose a funeral tribute that you like and feel ‘fits’ your message.

We can order the floral tributes on your behalf which can be put onto your account at a later date, or you can order them yourself through our florist. We will supply the flower cards for you to go on the flowers. We can also bring floral tributes back for you if you wish for them to be placed on the grave or if you wish for them to go to a hospital, hospice or home.

Below are just some of the options we can provide you with:

Coffin Flower Sprays – for placing funeral flowers on the coffin
Traditional Funeral flowers Posies; Wreaths – set in an oasis base
Beautiful Hearts – open/double/loose flowers
Funeral Wreath Rings – single/double rings
Named Funeral Tributes – Funeral Letters – any name/word
Tribute Funeral Crosses – from 2ft to 5ft
Long lasting Baskets – sympathy flower arrangements
Personal Funeral Flowers Tributes – different shape designs for a unique funeral flowers design
Bouquets of Funeral Flowers that can be taken home
Pillows/Cushions – oasis in a range of sizes
Children’s Floral Tributes – to/from a child