Woodland Burials in Taunton & Wellington, Somerset

The concept of green or woodland burial sites in Somerset is quite simple; it provides a peaceful resting place in a manner friendly towards nature, wildlife, and the environment. Headstones are replaced by the planting of commemorative trees, this not only adds to the natural beauty of the countryside, helps to combat climate change, creates new havens for wildlife, but most importantly creates a living memorial to all who rest there, as well as a benefit to future generations.

Some sites are meadows where bulb or wildflowers are substituted for trees, thus creating additional wildlife havens for wild bees and butterflies. Some are in the most scenic and peaceful settings across the country, each offering their own atmospheric and individual appeal.

Most Green Burial or Woodland Burial sites stipulate that the coffins need to be biodegradable and made from an easily renewable resource.
A popular choice when it comes to Woodland burials are wicker coffins which are made locally in at Musgrove Willows in Westonzoyland, just 14 miles from our Taunton. Musgrove Willows welcome families to go and help weave the coffins themselves should they wish to.

The closest Woodland burial site to us in Somerset is Westcombe Hill in Somerton.