Willow Traditional Horse Drawn Funeral

A Willow Funeral Services Horse-Drawn Funeral will include the following for £3,850

Our horse-drawn funeral service can be tailored to meet your personal preferences. Our traditional services provide you with either a pair or team of black or white horses, with either a black, white or silver hearse. We can also source heavy horses and drays, or a team of up to six horses if you request it.

Our horses will all be dressed and groomed for the occasion, with traditional English black leather harnesses and full collars.

In addition, we can add drapes and ostrich plumes in a variety of colours.

In addition to the Horses & Hearse, a Willow Traditional Horse Drawn Funeral Service will include:

  • Conveyance of your loved one to our on-site chapel of rest
  • Care and preparation of your loved one
  • Oak veneered coffin
  • The use of a black limousine that will seat 7 mourners
  • Cremation or burial fees (plus doctors fees if required)
  • Death announcement in the local paper
  • Floral 3ft Coffin spray or cross
  • Orders of service
  • Minister to conduct the service

We offer a set price of £3,850 for this service. So contact us today if you have any questions regarding these items or any additional requests such as extra flowers, limousines etc.